A passion for community and small business is where it all started many many years ago for Nicole. She has helped other small businesses grow through advertising and marketing, but has always had dreams of owning her own brick and mortar business.

It is her hope, that through the shop, comes a sense of remembering what a small business can do for a community and the purpose of why we exist. The shoppe is not just a place to find pretty things or a thoughtful gift for those you love, but to bring together those in the community, local makers, artist, our local schools together. To be able to run into your local friends and say hello, to gather for a workshop that is head up by another local business, and so much more.  It is her hope that this shoppe represents all things community. 

EMMA + JANE is the middle names of their daughters, Giuliana and Natalia. They are the true inspiration behind the shoppe, and Nicole wants to show her girls how through hard work and planning, dreams can come true. 

Nicole is married to her amazing husband, Dave, who truly is her best friend, and backbone of this whole dream. Without his support and love there would no shoppe. They make one heck of a good team, that is for sure. 

They look forward to serving you and their local community for years to come.